We take care of your corporate events from start to finish. With over 30 years of experience, professional partners and established methods we can give you the help you need.


Over the years we have established a wide network of quality suppliers and partners, therefore can we always match the right skills, products and services to meet your specific needs. Each of our partners is a specialist in their field and will deliver the best products. With this approach we can always offer our customers flexibility and exclusivity in both planning and execution of the event.


PerfektEvent has broad expertise and offer services in several different areas. Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • Meetings, Conferences and Trade fairs
  • Training, Study tours and Seminars
  • Staff Parties, Christmas parties and Kick-offs
  • Anniversaries and Opening Ceremonies
  • Testings, Golf tournaments, and Customer activities


PerfektEvent put great value on the personal contact with our customers. We always have an assigned project manager who will keep a regular dialogue with you. The project manager has the main responsibility for the event and follows it from start to finish. In addition to the project there are several partners responsible for their certain area based on their special skills.

In order for your company event to be as successful as possible we assign you a personal project manager to whom you can always refer. To ensure you a well run event the project manager follows our five key elements for our successful work.


For the event to be successful it is of significant importance that you as the customer and us as the event planner has the same picture of what the final product should look like. We want to know the purpose of your event and what message you want the event should deliver to the participants. We also like to hear your ideas, what your recourses you have, and your expectations of the event.


After obtaining adequate information we let the creativity flow. We might also consult our specialists and partners at this point if needed. It can be about branding, design or any other expertise that your event might need.
Detailed planning / logistics

This step ensures every detail. By flowcharts and checklists we determine who does what, when it should be done and how it is done. We make sure to always stay several steps ahead and leave nothing to chance.


When it is time for the final moment we are full of confidence. The careful preparations ensure that your event will be as successful as we promised. There will be a project manager on-site throughout the event. There will also be event hostesses ready to assist to make the event as outstanding as possible.


After the event we meet to evaluate and summarize the entire project.

Per och Susanne