Environmental policy

Through wise choices and good environmental management, PerfektEvent AB shall be a profitable company that exerts the least possible load on the environment and on natural resources.

We shall implement measures that contribute to our achieving the international environmental goals aimed at promoting a sustainable and resilient society. Consequently, we have adopted the present environmental policy. This shall be the basis of our environmental initiatives.

In our operations, we shall:

  • plan and carry out each activity so that the relevant environmental aspects of the assignment in question are always dealt with in a professional and competent manner.
  • motivate employees to act in an environmentally responsible manner. This shall be achieved through the provision of continuous training and information.
  • inform customers about, and make suggestions in respect of, the most environmentally friendly transport options.
  • as far as possible, select business partners who have equivalent or higher environmental goals.
  • reduce the environmental load exerted by our offices. This shall be done by:
    • reducing our consumption of energy and materials.
    • imposing appropriate environmental requirements when purchasing goods.
    • handling our waste in the best possible way.
  • through continuous monitoring, evaluate and improve our environmental goals.
  • as a minimum requirement, respect all relevant legislation and decrees.

Upplands Väsby, 30 April 2006

Susanne Herke
Chairwoman of the board of directors

Per och Susanne