About us

PerfektEvent is a family business, with a small company’s flexibility and personality, but a big company’s expertise and extent. Our business has a solid financial ground and is driven by our exceptional experience. We offer our customers high quality at low cost, creating our customers to come back year after year.


Every event is unique and is based on our customers individual needs. We analyze each assignment carefully to create the best situation. We work closely with our clients and always have skilled staff at the event. Through personal interaction, we help our clients to create and maintain business relationships.
PerfektEvent has a high ambition of cost efficiency. We strive to use our resources well to be able to offer our customers the highest quality at the lowest price possible. With us, the customer never pays too much.

We strive to constantly develop, innovate and diversify ourselves and our business. We value good contacts and only utilize partners with high quality and excellence.


  • Our financial credit has been evaluated by Soliditet and has been given a credit rating of AA. This is based on ratios higher than the industry-average and indicates a well established and well managed company. In other words, we are a reliable business partner.
  • Our company holds a travel warranty addressed to Kammarkollegiet. (the Administrative Services Agency)
  • We follow the Resegarantilagen (Warranty travel law) and have adequate insurance for the industry.
  • We work internationally and have run events in Europe, Africa, USA, and Asia.
  • We have worked with groups up to 650 people and have the capacity of even more extensive productions and events.
  • Our quotes always include information of the total cost of the project – no hourly rates will be added.
  • Our company is run by educated, experienced and competent staff.
Per och Susanne